Bàn giao tàu CSB 8005

Representatives of Song Thu Corporation and Vietnam Military Command signed the handover record. 

The ship CSB 8005 was designed and built by the Dutch Damen Group and Song Thu Corporation. The ship has an advanced, modern design, fully meets international standards, and was constructed in 12 months. The ship has a displacement of up to 2,400 tons with a total capacity of 8,960kW with 4 diesel main engines, length 90 meters, width 14 meters... The ship has many superior features, equipped with many modern weapons such as: 2 guns. 14.5mm, 2 23mm guns..., operating in the seas and continental shelf of Vietnam for a continuous period of 40 days and nights, with a range of 5000 nautical miles.

Bàn giao tàu CSB 8005

Ship CSB 8005 officially put into operation.

After being handed over and put into use, the CSB 8005 ship is responsible for patrolling and protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands, enforcing law on the seas and continental shelves, and searching and rescuing in Vietnamese and international waters. medical aid and rescue of ships in distress. In addition, the ship also has the function of transporting troops, providing logistical support to forces operating on islands and seas, and performing other assigned tasks.

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