Song Thu Corporation's working facilities in Da Nang currently include:

  • Facility 1: at 96 Yet Kieu, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city: 23 hectares.
  • Facility 2: No. 152, 2/9 Street, Hoa Thuan Dong Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City: 1.7 hectares.
  • Facility 3: Factory 45 and guest house in An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city: 3.5 hectares.
  • Facility 4: Oil-contaminated waste treatment area after collection in Hoa Nhon commune, Da Nang city: 2.2 hectares.
  • Facility 5: Central Region QGUPSCTD Center - Khanh Hoa in Ninh Hai commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province: 3 hectares.
  • Facility 6: Land site in Tam Quang commune, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam: 1.6 hectares.
  • Facility 7: Song Thu Mechanical Joint Stock Company: approximately 2.1 hectares.
  • Branches in Hanoi and Vung Tau.


Shipyards are arranged reasonably and seamlessly between factories with ship yard systems, ship lifting platforms and machinery and equipment for synchronous production to ensure the newbuilding construction process. Inside the shipyard is equipped with construction machinery such as welding machines, sheet rolling machines, sheet cutting machines, sheet pressing machines along with electrical systems, oxygen and gas supply systems with lines leading to the entire shipyard. The factory is arranged in a reasonable, scientific and very convenient manner, helping the construction process to be closed, continuous and most effective.
Shipyard No. 1: Length: 105m, Width: 40m, Height: 25m
Shipyard No. 2: Length: 105m, Width: 40m, Height: 25m
Shipyard No. 3: Length: 105m, Width: 54m, Height: 37.7m
Shipbuilding No. 4.5: Length: 105m, Width: 40m, Height: 25m

Factory system for cleaning corrugated iron

The factory area has dimensions of 65m x 12m. In the factory, 02 cranes made in Japan are installed. The factory is equipped and installed with a cleaning, priming, and drying line system for steel plates and shaped steel with a capacity of up to 40,000 tons/year, along with high-pressure spraying equipment, vacuum paint spraying machines, Abrasive blasting machine system, etc., meets the capacity to allow construction of many products at the same time.

Workshop for raw materials and CNC cutting

Area 105m x 20m. The factory is equipped with 02 beam cranes of 05 tons each and 05 CNC sheet cutting machines.

Mechanical factory

The area of 54m x 40m is equipped with a Japanese-made 5-ton girder crane running along the house. The factory is equipped with bench lathes, milling machines, planers, boring machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, etc. to ensure mechanical processing of ship building and repair.

Warehouse area

Area of 54m x 40m is closed, ensuring receipt and preservation of supplies and equipment for work.

Decoration Enterprise

Area 54m x 40m, equipped with modern equipment to ensure the construction of details for the interior decoration of the ship including the following equipment: circular saw, joint planer, tenon chisel , combine planing machine, grinding machine, sanding machine, mold making machine, screening machine etc...

Shot blasting system for indoor and outdoor cleaning

This is a dual-use equipment line that shoots steel balls and iron slag particles to serve the repair and building of ships. The automatic device is designed with remote control and can simultaneously shoot marbles, recover and clean marbles. In addition to cleaning the ship's hull, the device can be put into the cargo hold and water tank for cleaning. The equipment is designed synchronously, with functions such as: shooting balls, recovering balls, transporting balls, separating impurities, cleaning balls, vacuuming dust in balls and containing and preserving them to serve continuous production. custom.


1. 4-gun automatic ball shooting system:

  • Capacity: 10~16m2/hour/gun
  • Ball recovery capacity: 30 tons/hour
  • Impurity separation capacity: 30 tons/hour
  • Ball cleaning capacity: 30 tons/hour
  • Ball cleaning pulse air capacity: 6000m3/hour
  • Ball shooting radius: 40m

2. 1-gun automatic marble shooting device

  • Capacity: 12m2/hour
  • Ball capacity: 3 tons/turn
  • Ball shooting radius: 40m

3. Vacuum equipment

  • Recovery capacity: 3~6 Tons/hour
  • Filter capacity: 3~6 Tons/hour
  • Suction power: 430mmhg
  • Number of filter bags: 32 sets
  • Working radius: 30m

Lifting equipment: Double girder gantry crane

Two-girder gantry crane has a lifting capacity of 150/150 tons; aperture 28.8m; hook lifting height 24m; Lifting motor capacity 90kw; Load lifting speed 3/1m/min, vehicle moving speed 15/5m/min, crane moving speed 30/10m/min (Controlled by inverter); gantry moving motor with capacity of 16 units x3.7kw; Power supply 380V, 3phase, 50Hz; 48V control power source; The power supply system for the vehicle runs on a 28m long chain cable... Very convenient for lifting sections and transporting the hull.

Syncrolift raised floor

Area 98.2mx20m, lifting capacity 3,000 tons, winch system 28 winches x 210Mt/winch. The control system uses Spooger - Jet microprocessor software imported from Roll Royce - USA, certified by Lloyd's Register.

Seamless teleportation

Including 11 sets of mobile ship support frames, a total of 22 wheel clusters, each cluster has 4 wheels. Lifting capacity (22×185 tons) 4070 MT. Imported from TTS – Norway. Certified by Lloyd's Register. The Corporation used it to move and launch the DN2000 ship with a tonnage of 2,500 tons.
Changing house for workers
Changing house for workers

Factory certificate

SONG THU - 45K - 16106286 - V1
ISO 14001-2015 certification
SONG THU - 45K - 16106286 - V1
ISO 45001-2018 certification
SONG THU - 9K - 16106286 - V1
ISO 9001-2015 certification
VR registration