Military products

CSB 8005

GENERAL INFORMATION The CBS 8005 ship was designed and built by the Dutch Damen Group and Song Thu Corporation with a displacement of 2,400 tons, a total capacity of 8,960 kW with 4 diesel main engines, length 90m, width 14m... The ship has many properties [...]

SPA 5009

GENERAL INFORMATION Small patrol boat model of project Damen Stan Patrol 5009 (SPa 5009) with the first 2 numbers (50) indicating length and the last 2 numbers (09) indicating width. These vessels use the company's exclusive "axe nose" bow design.

Stan Patrol (SPA 4207)

The speedboat SPa 4207 has a length of 42.8m, a width of 7.1m, a maximum swimming speed of 48.15km/h, and a crew of 17 people. The ship has a single hull shape with a deep V-shaped bottom and wave-breaking wings. The ship is equipped with a special propeller tunnel so that the propulsion system [...]

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV 90m x 14m)

GENERAL INFORMATION Investor: NA Design: Damen Shipyard Gorinchem Register: Lloyd's Order: 1 ship Ship owner: NA Order date: June 20, 2012 Handover: 2014 BASIC SPECIFICATIONS Overall length: 90 .00m Width: 14.00m Height: 7.00 m Draft: 4.00 m Engine […]